The MiTest™ System

MiTest RF System Controller MiTest™ is the first cloud based modular test system that enables regulatory compliance testing and certification possibilities for your new products without ever leaving the security of your design lab.

To remain competitive the time and money spent on regulatory compliance testing needs to be reduced. MiTest™ simplifies the product introduction process by integrating regulatory compliance strategies to be built into the early stages of product design. Concurrently determine the regulatory limits of your device type through early precompliance testing. This advantage significantly reduces or eliminates the need for time consuming engagement with third party testing facilities.

The MiTest™ System consists of an RF System Controller (hardware interface platform), a choice of industry standard Spectrum Analyzer, and a powerful Cloud Based Management Infrastructure comprising of a test library and automated reports. Multiple controllers can be located within a single facility or deployed in a distributed manner when design labs may be situated in other global markets and time zones. Imagine the productivity gains your company will realize by utilizing MiTest™ 24/7 in a fully integrated design for compliance strategy.

MiTest™ is simple, completely secure, and easy to use. Simply log in to your cloud based account and select from our Global Standards Library which tests you would like to perform. The intuitive GUI easily enables you to choose the technology (Bluetooth, ZigBee, WiFi, DFS, etc.) and parameters needed to insure full regulatory compliance by country.

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