Wireless (Incl. CBRS), EMC, Audio, Environmental and Safety Solutions for Your Business

The global one-stop-shop for your compliance testing needs for North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Asia Pacific and Africa. MiCOM Labs is an A2LA Accredited and CBRS Alliance (ATL) Authorized test laboratory. We provide testing and certification services for consumer electronics, wireless, audio, telecom, IT, medical, automotive and aerospace industries.


Compliance Testing

Test to international regulatory standards with lab services and automated test systems.
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Product Certification

Ensure your products have the regulatory approvals required to enter the global marketplace.
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Navigate the maze of compliance requirements and manage projects from development to certification.
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MiCOM Labs Introduces Integrated Cloud-Based Test and Certification Applications


New Parallel Processing Technique Introduces Several Benefits for Manufacturers and Compliance Personnel

  • Intuitive integrated platform, easy to use
  • Efficient data reuse – user provides single data set, used throughout entire process
  • Platform removes complexity from regulatory compliance test and certification programs
  • Introduces new innovative compliance concept ‘Parallel Processing’, obsoletes the “serial” mind-set
  • Adoption of a parallel processing technique helps manufacturers achieve earlier ROI
  • Process reduces compliance involvement, accelerate your time-to-market by up to 65%
  • Helps remove stress from process
  • Automatically transfer all documentation to our Intelligent Documentation Repository once certification process is completed

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Integrated Cloud-Based Applications – Key Components

MiCOM Labs The success of MiCOM Labs Integrated Cloud-Based Applications centers around its system intelligence modules providing integration, data segregation and controlled access to all modules / applications.
MiTest Simplifying the complexities of global wireless RF test and reporting functions with automated reporting and live data monitoring. Watch the video
MiDFS Automation of Global Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) with automated reporting functions and live data monitoring integrated into the MiTest solution. Watch the video
MiEMC Generation of global EMC test strategies, monitoring / logging EMC test responses, upload equipment and test setup photographs, live data monitoring and automated reporting functions.
MiCMS Providing an interactive workflow approach to regulatory certification programs. Watch the video
MiCert Intelligent documentation repository designed to manage global certifications, track global product certifications and use documentation packages to communicate with third parties and much more. Watch the video
MiComms Intelligent Regulatory Newsfeed, select countries and topics of interest along with frequency of delivery for up-to-date regulatory information. Newsfeed information is provided through MiCOM Labs and its partners.

  • MiCOM Labs

    The global one-stop-shop for your compliance testing needs including US, Canada, EU, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, and Australia. MiCOM Labs is an A2LA Accredited laboratory for testing and certification in consumer, wireless, telecom, IT, medical, and aerospace industries.
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  • MiTest

    Create preliminary on-the-fly test reports at the push-of-a-button in minutes instead of weeks using our proprietary automated test system. Simplify the complexities of global RF and EMC testing with the future of regulatory compliance.
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  • MiEMC

    Use your mobile device to create a test plan for your product, store results in the cloud, and generate test reports for any specific standard. Simply complete a questionnaire and let MiEMC determine the test plan that’s right for you.
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  • MiCert formalized our entire compliance process and made our documentation control a breeze. Using the intelligent search tool made finding documents effortless and the cloud infrastructure allowed authorized personnel to access documents anywhere, anytime. Documentation packages made file sharing simple, clean and controlled. The MiCert system application is a well thought out and designed application. The application was created by a company that is knowledgeable in the certification process and understands the manufacturer’s ongoing certification needs.
    Afo Hassan
    System Design Engineer
  • The MiCOM Labs Certification Management System (CMS) delivers certification with minimal delay. All communication is maintained within the application which is via a state-of-the-art cloud based documentation repository tool providing real-time project status which saves me hours of wasted time.
    Val Tankov
    Sr. Compliance Manager
  • From a technical perspective, Aruba is interested in project visibility monitoring test programs. MiTest is a well-conceived test system. Automated testing and report generation times have greatly reduced the compliance cycle. An additional benefit of the system is knowing exactly where our product stands during the compliance process. The presentation, quality and detailed contents of the MiTest reports are indicative of what Aruba stands for which is appreciated by clients and resellers alike. We liked the system so much Hewlett Packard Enterprise purchased a MiTest system
    Phil Carranco
    Snr. Compliance Engineer
  • MiCOM Labs takes testing and compliance management to the next level. They have developed systems that are cost effective helping deliver a secure real-time online tracking process. Their entire process drastically reduces my test and certification cycle times.
    Asim Timizi
    Manager HWQA

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