The future of regulatory compliance – reinventing testing and certification through innovation.


The Industry Leader in Product Certification and Regulatory Approvals.

As an A2LA-Accredited ISO/IEC:17065 certification body, MiCOM Labs is authorized by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), Innovation Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada and Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) to issue Product Compliance Certificates. For Europe, MiCOM Labs is a Notified Body for the European Union (EU) and are authorized to issue Type Examination Certificates under the Radio Equipment Directive (RED). Additionally, MiCOM Labs is an authorized Approval Body for the United Kingdom (UKCA).


TCB: Telecommunication Certification Body

FCB: Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) Canada as a Foreign Certification Body

RCB: Registered Certification Body under the US-Japan MRA for Scopes B1, B2, B3 (Radio Law) and TBL (Japan Approval for Telecom Equipment)

NB: Notified Body status per the RED (2014/53/EU) and EMC (2014/30/EU) Directives of the European Union

AB: Approved Body status per the UK Radio Equipment (SI 2017/1206) and EMC (SI 2016/1091) Regulations


Are you an accredited test lab?

MiCOM Labs certifies more products for North America (FCC/ISED) and Japan (MIC + JATE) than any other TCB/FCB/RCB in the world.*

MiCOM Labs supports independent organizations and ISO/IEC:17025 accredited testing labs across multiple continents. Our cloud-based, online certification system, MiCMS®, facilitates an automated and real-time certification process. Login and access management is fully-customizable within your account for project document checklist, submission and review status, which is available 24/7.

For accredited labs, MiCOM Labs has the authority to issue certificates (all categories) for FCC, ISED, MIC, EU and UKCA. If a copy of your lab accreditation schedule is submitted to us for confirmation, MiCOM Labs can issue an Acceptance of Test Data certificate, valid for two years.


International Type Approvals & Global Market Access (GMA)

We understand global regulatory requirements and we work with regulatory agencies across the world to get your products certified. Teaming with us provides you with a trustworthy and reliable source for International Approvals. Our International Approvals Team has the knowledge and expertise to deliver your product to the global market.

  • Learn documentation and application procedures with your country-specific requirements
  • Instruction on proper labeling, shipping with customs clearance support
  • Full service with in-country testing and certification management
  • Local representative and translation services upon request
  • Over 195 countries of Global Market Access certification for wireless products.
  • Experienced with handling worldwide homologation projects.
  • Ability to address in-country test requirements, local representative needs, project tracking, and logistics.
MiPassport Logo

Certificate Management Application

Exclusively from MiCOM Labs, MiPassport™ is the ultimate digital portfolio for managing product certifications and type approvals. MiPassport™ serves as the go-to document repository for your product by consolidating model information, specifications and product certificates, country by country and standard by standard – all within the cloud.

The MiPassport™ solution will boost compliance management efficiency with a full suite of productivity tools via an intuitive interface. Alleviates spreadsheets that rely on manual upkeep, misplaced certificates or disorganized archives on a file server.

Benefits Include:

  • QR Code to streamline online access for viewing product data.
  • Cloud-published documents/links to provide proof-of-compliance – perfect for customs and other commercial requirements.
  • Pre-set reminders are customizable from three to six months in advance of a certificate expiration.
  • Optional regulatory change notifications can serve to prevent non-compliance when and if a particular standard is updated or new standards become applicable.
  • As an additional feature, when original product certificates are issued by MiCOM Labs, the data automatically populates in MiPassport™ and the certificate links are updated by our cloud-based system.

The future of regulatory compliance – reinventing testing and certification through innovation.

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